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Life is too short to spend time with people who drag you down and prevent you from being happy.

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Worrying About Things in the Future Doesn’t Stop Them from Happening

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Life Quote: Worrying about things in the future doesn’t stop them from happening. It just takes away from your happiness today. – Jack Canfield

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My Therapist Taught Me to Interrupt My Anxious Thinking with Thoughts

Life Quote: My therapist taught me to interrupt my anxious thinking with thoughts like: "What if things work out" and "What if all my hard work pays off?" So, I'm passing that onto you wherever you are, whatever you're leaving, or whomever you're becoming. - Sinclair P. Ceasar III

Life Quote:

My therapist taught me to interrupt my anxious thinking with thoughts like: “What if things work out” and “What if all my hard work pays off?”

If You Listen Closely to Your Intuition You Will Always Know What Is

Life Quote:

If you listen closely to your intuition you will always know what is “best” for you, because what is best for you is what is true for you. – Unknown

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Quotes of the Day

“Be aware of the pat on the back! It might be the one thing that holds you back. We are always trying to find a way to make people better. In a weakened society, one of the methods people believe works is to give an instant pat on the back to someone once they do something positive/correct, etc. While this may be an effective method, all you are truly doing is weakening one person’s mind. You are essentially training a person to expect a congratulations/ an attaboy, etc., for every fucking thing they do. But, we are forgetting the very basic principles of being a basic fucking human being. Instead of the pat-on-the-back method, why not try this one? The fucking “supposed to” method! It is our job as leaders and teachers to teach people to not always look for the pat on the back rather to build a mindset that we are supposed to do and be our best all the time in every situation. We shouldn’t look for anything from anybody for simply doing our best. You are supposed to get up early, make your bed and clean your house. You are supposed to work out almost every day. You are supposed to do the best you can in school every day. You are supposed to bring your best effort to work every day. That pat on the back should only come when you have exceeded what most people consider exceptional work or have gone above and beyond what is expected. Don’t expect a pat on the back for the shit that a human being is supposed to be doing every day of their lives and that is being the best that he/she can be in every situation in their life. It’s not about you. It’s about your team, the ones you love, and having pride in yourself. It’s not about what others think or feel about you- it’s about how you feel about yourself.” – Can’t Hurt Me: Master Your Mind and Defy the Odd

“Everyone teaches you something. You listen to everyone, and bit by bit, you figure things out.” – Bill Belichick

1. Life Quote:

My personality isn’t for everyone. – Unknown

2. Friendship Quote:

Friendship is not about who you spend the most time with, it’s about who you have the best time with and who’s actually there for you.

3. Inspirational Quote:

Sometimes you have to stop being scared and just go for it. Either it’ll work or it won’t. That’s life.

4. Forgiveness Quote:

We all make mistakes. We have to simply remember to forgive ourselves and keep moving forward in order to progress. – Unknown

5. Forgiveness Quote:

Forgiving someone doesn’t mean that their behavior was “OK.” What it does mean is that we’re ready to move on. To release the heavy weight. To shape our own life, on our terms, without any unnecessary burdens.

6. Relationship Quote:

It might hurt when you move on, but then it will heal. And with each passing day, you will get stronger and life will get better. – Mandy Hale

The Longer You Hang in There, the Greater the Chance That Something Will

8. Quote About Life: in NC ~

Hating people takes too much time. Forgive them, not because they deserve it but because you are on a higher level than they are. – Unknown

9. Motivational Quote:

Step up to the challenge, believe in yourself, and do what it takes. Right now is a great time to start.

10. Quote About Respect:

It’s your job to respect your partner. But it’s also your partner’s job to give you something to respect.

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His instruction:


our Savior, breath forgiveness o’er us. All our weariness Thou dost know. “Yes! I know all. Every cry for mercy. Every sigh of weariness Every plea for help. Every sorrow over failure. Every weakness. I am with you through all. My tender sympathy is yours. My strength is yours.

so…. have a listen to my favorite trumpet in all time –

“Rejoice at your weakness, My children. My strength is made perfect in weakness. When you are weak then I Am strong. Strong to help, cure, to protect. Trust Me, My children. I know all. I am beside you. Strong, strong, strong to save. Lean on my love and know that

all is well.

God gave Jesus; TO us,
our sinful nature. all, not
only me. about that: in a
constant barrage of suggestion
to blog, is making me, feel if/as
though if we do not get a new sight
they will miss the boat; well… the boat IS
what people miss because they are consumed by
commercial web-presence. let go with me, the internet
is a nifty tool; but it will control a person if they let it, it’s learned.


over and out