only an idea, take or leave, smile though


His instruction:


our Savior, breath forgiveness o’er us. All our weariness Thou dost know. “Yes! I know all. Every cry for mercy. Every sigh of weariness Every plea for help. Every sorrow over failure. Every weakness. I am with you through all. My tender sympathy is yours. My strength is yours.


Rejoice at your weakness, My children. My strength is made perfect in weakness. When you are weak then I Am strong. Strong to help, cure, to protect. Trust Me, My children. I know all. I am beside you. Strong, strong, strong to save. Lean on my love and know that

all is well.”

God gave Jesus; TO us,
our sinful nature. all, not
only me. about that: in a
constant barrage of suggestion
to blog, is making me, feel if/as
though if we do not get a new sight
they will miss the boat; well… the boat IS
what people miss because they are consumed by
commercial web-presence. let go with me, the internet
is a nifty tool; but it will control a person if they let it, it’s learned.


over and out