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JC does lay, immediate like, and it is ours already, to rest the doubts of His bounty, dig?

i, for one, do need Him.


I am planning
for you. Wonderful are My Ways beyond your knowledge. Oh!
realize My Bounty and My Goodness more and more. Wonder
of being led by Me! The beauty of a guided life!

These will enter your consciousness more and more, and bring
you ever more and more Joy. yare nearly at the point when you
shall ask what you will and it shall be done unto you. You have
entered upon a wonderful era – your lives are blessed by Me as
never before. You are overcoming. You are counting all things
but loss if you can win Me. And the promises to him that loves
are truly wonderful,
will always be fulfilled.



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  1. http://www.pinterest.com/davejbuc3/httpscollactionaliveo9d-sin-never-wins-quitters-ei/more_ideas

    _/The triumph of little things\_
    – Gary D. Jones July 8, 2019 –

    Monica Vega and Heidi Schmidt are official missionaries of the Episcopal Church.
    Many years ago, they consecrated their lives to God in the manner of Charles de Foucault,
    whose charism (gift) was to live among the poor as one of the poor. Ultimately Charles de Foucault died –
    he was murdered by robbers. After his death, so many people were moved by his example
    that a different kind of monastic order came into being, the Little Brothers and Little Sisters
    of Jesus. These are people all over the world who make a vow of poverty and live what they
    call “the hidden life of Jesus of Nazareth,” living among the hidden poor, as one of them, not
    trying to convert the poor, only loving them as Jesus loves. In fact, they believe, they meet Jesus.

    These “Little Sisters of Jesus” and “Little Brothers of Jesus” do not live in convents or monasteries,
    because the poor do not have the advantage of convents or monasteries. Instead, people like Monica
    and Heidi work in places where poor people work, taking jobs like theirs, and they beg. So you hop on a
    bus in Queens, NY, and the bus driver might well be a Harvard graduate with a Ph.D. who could be making
    allot of money. But instead, he is a “Little Brother of Jesus” who has found his true calling living among poor
    and loving them as one of them.

    Many years ago, I was trying to connect my congregation in Memphis with the church in Africa. I called a friend in
    Manhattan who said he had been in touch with a couple of women, Monica and Heidi, who, been living with community,
    on a garbage dump in southern Africa, Heidi working as a nurse and Monica using her skills as a social worker to counsel,
    connect, and cajole…whatever it took to get healing and resources for some of the poorest people on the planet. My friend in
    Manhattan said that Monica and Heidi were back in the United States for just as long as it took to raise enough money to go back
    to Africa. There just weren’t any paying jobs in places like the garbage dump in Umtata, he told me. Maybe my church could hire Heidi
    Monica as missionaries, my friend suggested.

    We did, and St. Stephen’s has continued to do so. Heidi and Monica are members of our church staff. We pay them each month the amount they requested, an amount that is roughly the cost of a simple “date night” in Richmond–a dinner for two, without drinks or tip. That’s how much they live
    on each month, and I know they squirrel away some of that for the poor. I protested that this wasn’t enough pay. They replied it’s almost too much.

    And sure enough, their lives are modern day examples of Jesus’ first miracle at a wedding in Cana of Galilee, they turn water into wine.

    Now Monica and Heidi live and love in a remote and forgotten part of Argentina, among poor people who have the same struggles of the poor everywhere. One parishioner who visited them not long ago, and who had also visited them in Africa, said that tsituation in Argentina is every
    bit as destitute as the one in Africa.

    Yesterday, Heidi emailed to tell me about a young person who had been murdered just down the road from them. A rival gang had killed a
    boy with a machete. A priest with whom they have been working had organized a youth march for peace in the little, hidden town where
    the boy was killed, and the priest asked if Monica and Heidi could buy some presents for the children in that tiny, forgotten place.
    That is what Monica and Heidi were doing last night–buying coloring books, crayons, little toy cars, and play-dough for children.

    Their conviction has something to do with God’s economy, something to do with the hidden message of the cross–that
    the last are first, the least are the greatest, meek inherit the earth, machetes are no match for crayons and play-dough.


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    Christ Church Death in the Parish
    Dear Friends,
    Ellen, daughter of L & Ben, passed away this morning surrounded by family and friends.
    May she rest in peace and rise in glory.
    Please keep Laura & Ben and all of the family in your prayers.

    Let us pray:
    Into your hands, O merciful Savior, we commend your servant Ellen. She is a sheep of your fold and a lamb of your own flock. Receive her
    into the arms of your mercy, into the blessed
    rest of everlasting peace, and into the gloriouscompany of the saints in light. Amen.


    Jul 13, 2019, 9:05 PM 8:04.33

    to me

    consider the time, crush the head of satan,
    crush the kingdom of it. glory be to God

    …to the lamb of God



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