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When we receive Jesus as our Savior,

we no longer need to focus on our sin.

Instead, we become dead to sin and do

receive grace to live in His righteousness.

When a person comes to know Christ there are steps that the Bible gives

to help them understand their newly found life in Him and to build a solid foundation that will last. Many new believers struggle without knowledge and are not given practical teaching that helps them along the way.  It is imperative to the life of a new believer that they be strengthened in their faith and given the basics of the Word of God. 

try as we may, or not really; for IF we give the sin an inkling of the ramifications of said activity there would be no less than a mountain of reason why the act should be not be a played hand. one sin is as bad as the other. that is to say, that the killing is as bad as adultery. and there can be a plethora of example to coincide with the raw fact: one sin is as bad as the other one. there is no grey area. sin is not allowed, ever. if it is on against yourself, it is in against the, our Holy Spirit; in ALL dwell; His Holy Spirit

be patient. forgive a brother, a sister; even a step-sister. each born under an exact exact curse as all. and forgive yourself. life is a journey, the cliffs will arrive, it’s up to us to be

running, or walking inline with the edge. IF we wander to close to the edge of eternity, the more apt we are to make the slightest motion towards the fateful plunge. try… be careful. that,s a period, not a comma.

love will fill each and every crack in the soul. souls that began with cracks has in it a propensity to widen the canyons that are already there by NOT believing the fact in, Christ‘s payment for all; in all time. be safe from sin.

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  1. INDEPENDANT (W/W.P.’S help)

    This beginning of miracles did Jesus in
    Cana of Galilee, and manifest forth his
    glory;and his disciples believed on him. John 2:11

    My guardianship is so wonderful.

    Expect not one miracle but many.

    Each day’s happenings, if of My working,
    and under My control, are miracle-works.
    Now unto Him who is able to keep us, you
    from stumbling.

    oh yes it is


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