starve any doubt we have

To repent is to:

  • Admit your sinfulness
  • Regret
  • Change one’s mind
  • A change of attitude towards God’s truth
  • Change of heart
  • It is a change of direction and ways
  • Turn from your sins
  • Hatred for sin and the things that God hates and a love for the things that God loves.

God grants us repentance. Repentance is a work of God. It is not a work we do to earn salvation. Repentance does not save, only Christ. Repentance is a change of mind about Christ which will lead to a genuine change of life and turning away from sin and rebellion. Repentance leads to hating sin more. No one is perfect, but you can’t practice sin saying I’ll just repent later I’m a sinner anyway.

according to our faith He saves us from hell.

what i can, i do. PTL!