One thought on “thank You; your soiled servant.


    not interested in seeming that it’s all about ‘me,’ no no no, it’s
    all about Him in me ‘n’ my life. it was not always so perfected
    my walk with Christ as my shepherd. when my eyes open it is
    cause for celebration. even though it’s only me in the bed, it is
    not that important; right now. there will be time for that some
    years, months in the future. there is a soul mine kind of mesh
    with when we are at arms length… her life is in the big Texas

    Susan, if this ever reaches your eyes. am still, incessantly, the
    concept of us flies into my medulla. but i’m east, your life isn’t
    east. one of these days ‘ll look up your home # – and them your
    cell… just get ready, you calmer monkey!


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