well all right, all right, all right

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today is My Consolation Oh Jesus, come, walk with us and let us

and feel Thy very nearness. I walk with you. Oh! think, My children, only to guide…

and comfort you and strengthen and uphold, but for solace and comfort for Myself

When loving child is by you, is the nearness only that you may provide protection

and help for that little one? Rather, too, that in that little child you may find joy and

cheer and comfort in its simplicity, its Love, its trust. So, it too, is it in your power to

comfort, bring joy to My Heart. He will walk to you, He will be your God.

3 thoughts on “well all right, all right, all right

  1. well. was about to do a silly thing: SWITCH my MAIN domain from collactiona.live TO the3rdone.live 8o, [BUT]
    the happiness engineers were so cool, to let me talk… ‘all the while blowing their nails dry, i bet.’ DON’T KNOW
    for sure, but if there,s ever a scene depicting what COULD be true, MIGHT have happened, hope Richard’ll let it slide…

    it’s 5 o’clock


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