Pray without ceasing.
1 Thessalonians 5:17

Lord, hear us, we pray.

Hear and I answer.

Spend much time in prayer.

Prayer is of many kinds, but

whatever kind,

prayer’s the linking up of the

soul and mind and heart to God.

So that if it is only a glance of faith,

a look or word of Love, or confidence,

and no supplication is expressed, it yet

follows that supply and all necessary are


Because the soul, being linked to God, united

to Him, receives in and through Him all things.

And the soul, when in human form, needs too the

things belonging to its habitation.

See not small trials and vexations of each hour of the day. See the one purpose and plan to which all are leading. If in climbing a mountain you keep your eyes on each stony or difficult place, as you ascend, seeing only that, how weary and profitless your climb!

But if you think of each step as leading to the summit of achievement,

which glories and beauties will open before you, then your climb will be so different.

The Lord God is my strength,

and He will make my feet like hinds’ 
feet, He will make me to walk upon high places.  Habakkuk 3:19