it’s outside…we stay in.

still guided by the unseen hand. do you trust Him? ask yourself:

to WHAT EXTENT do i trust? have me be the present speaker to

assure you all, YES. He hears every word that we create from our

mouths. He knows all, sees all, does all for you. it might take that

major calamity to wake you up. i do not announce this out of fear

that isn’t they way he works; and that expression: “the devil made

me do it.” yes and no, anything that occurs in life, whether it be an

automobile or motorcycle accident is in the plan. one may ask: “If,n

it takes such horrific activity in my life, it most assuredly is not in His

control. Christ would never do something that almost kill’s me, right?”

this is a situation one needs to discover via experience. “must be in the


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Daily Lesson
Some do not believe in the spiritual, but when they come upon a place of peace whose source they do not understand their hearts will be touched and they will become aware of its power.  Perhaps if they listen and see His gentle touch will lead them to the way of the Lord.  If you in the past have tried to reach them, do not remind them.  Instead, take them by the hand and teach not with words but by example.

the messages in the Daily Life Lesson is not clear, please feel free to ask for clarification please contact me

if most only knew… belief; the first step… bless all of your hearts…

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