this had to happen to find joy

we do not break God’s laws, His laws break us.

IF we let them, by NOT following His ten directives, passing those makes them the keys to the gifts awaiting us as we complete the tests we are all taking down here on earth.

9 thoughts on “this had to happen to find joy

    His son reclaims
    the better state of
    being; if it were not
    for Jesus Christ, we’re
    all doomed. wait on Him.
    patience’s required always


  2. think of this, or don’t, at your peril. it is suggested
    that within this message there is a realization that
    maybe sleeping in on Sunday is profitable for you,
    for nonbelievers. as for me, and my house, it is not
    even a question. some are not even considering the
    ramifications the follow, a ramification – connection
    to fate, you don’t need to believe what’s believed that
    faith requires persons to come to the cross; be the new creation He wants for us.


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