DomestiC enemies we are told to


Aug 4, 2020 6:07 PM
Shannon? Lee?
dig Kimbra?


about the civil unrest in the country that is better than ANY OTHER place in this world for our black citizens – if you doubt that claim, go see; you’ll see.

it is regretful John Lewis has finished this race; a hero of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA ; do not dishonor Mr. Lewis by fighting OUR America, that would make Mr. Lewis disappointed: (in YOU,) for taking the confederate/communist way. remember the bravery-displayed BY Mr. Lewis, AGAINST RIOT as way of expression. sad admitting the all the black citizens creating such strife and violence are actually making OUR UNITED STATES OF AMERICA a nation that looks even further down on those neighbors all of us have. a bad person does not a bad make; WE, BOTH, (you and i) threw the devil person in jail; think: the hell he’s in THAT INTEGRATED SOCIETY: of CONVICTED men who are all ready in prison, some believe they have none of the very freedom to CHANGE THEIR MIND’S that WE do still have. the first men on earth were in AUSTRALIA, they Aborigines have been where lacklives matter are NOW; try and be more like those dark-skinned HUMAN RACE peoples.

it’s was what we planned up- ______________________
stairs, A-wing, remember Lee? ______________________
sure you do. go dig Kimbra; she ______________________
is from New Zealand, that’s where ______________________
WE were going to spend that trip at ______________________
the end of school, between there and ______________________
college; WE always wanted koala, eh? ______________________