not the time, won’t be time ever

flopped, Lord help me; BUT…….. fixed it!

Seek to conquer those, and so to gain the Spiritual insight which will enable you to help your brother.

you do not need to be best to be good enough… THANK GOD, sort got by, but…
we’re not all here to be award-winning musicians, many of us are here to make music. ………… …………….

due to the fact: consider that you are, disabled, we all have sin, not that you ARE sinning, if you think back on your life, there were periods when we DID SIN. my sin was vanity, avoiding The Truth therefore we fell, i did for sure, and it cost me my life; NOT to infer that life was anything to be, or feel then, our joy was much more then; falling so very short a smidgen of the Faith: the perfection that is Yeshua, the only son of God.