we do not break God’s laws, His laws break us.

IF we let them, by NOT following His ten directives, passing those makes them the keys to the gifts awaiting us as we complete the tests we are all taking down here on earth.

it’s very conceited to claim that you rise above other mortal, that one, (you) are a person who is free from sin. none will ever, ever, EVER be able to live as decent as are expected

we are ALL sinners, who cannot cut the mustard where leading a sinless existence down here on earth. deal with my, your, flaws, plead for deliverance from the deserved wrath

that we rate. if we break one commandment,we break them all no matter how those acts being insignificant. if it were not for Christ’s shed blood we are all, everyone of us, doomed.

thank God for the cross.

you do listen
hear your father

a kind of simple, even

more, yeah, MoST important;

He’s been where you’re before.

Mother too, do praise them, each

every breath you take. they, folks

gave you life; free life to do with as

you please. in fact, a call them today

would make their day. if there is any

problem between the three try to calm

the storm. you can do this:  reaffirming

the love you have for each. go on, give the

possible worry they have from not hearing

from you on at least a weekly basis. say you

are them, only in another way; than being for

a manifestation of:  their love for each other;

show you care. not only in giving gifts and such,

but honestly expressing that eternal, a significant,

grateful spirit we should all have for our parents in

this life. life they provided for you and your siblings.

you’re happy for sharing breath as the phone-call ends.

if you allow Him,
He will be beside
you to direct…

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