Arcade Mens Room

you do listen

hear your father

a kind of simple, even

more, yeah, most important;

He’s been where you’re before.

Mother too, do praise them, each

every breath you take. they, folks

gave you life; free life to do with as

you please. in fact, a call them today

would make their day. if there is any

problem between the three try to calm any storm.

the storm. you can do this:  reaffirming

the love you have for each. go on, give the

possible worry they have from not hearing

from you on at least a weekly basis. say you

are them, only in another way; than being for

a manifestation of:  their love for each other;

show you care. not only in giving gifts and such,

but honestly expressing that eternal, a significant,

grateful spirit we should all have for our parents in

this life. life they provided for you and your siblings.

you’re happy for sharing breath as the phone-call ends.

if you allow Him,
He will be beside
you to direct…

Cecil Taylor Ardmore BarbersTonsorial Master
Charlie and i met in 1999 – HE has been a savior
He does not really want recognition;
s this historic theatre did host
W.C. Fields, Elvis, the 1st
stage-showing of
Gone With The Wind