what is what ? minute five now

1,085 views•Jan 28, 2014

it’s eight 0’clock


the world’s but a play, about this ‘rapture’ topic, we got something:

davidb48 eh? don’t be a victim of destiny, we are the

all captain’s of our own, specific. you, me, we all decide. come this way to that narrow gate,

eh? El gives us all a choice. think about this world, about our present speck of a planet, do

consider the choices being made: choices lead to some sort of end, some kind of destruct

-ion. some loss: abortion, war, drugs, homosexuality, divorce. the list goes. and on, and

on , and on. and then some. of where there is a loss. think of life as a play; of it as all joy,

think of life as gain, something that is being created. life is; deal. life is pain, it’s sorrow,

IT is depression. now Jesus came so that we may have life, the life of abundance. to do

with as we wish. it, true life, is freedom. the freedom that few souls are cheated of the

privilege of; so that others in their clan might continue it; enjoyment thereof. it does

not say to us, that we gain compiled physical gifts. a three car garage, babe of wife,

or any more of the myriad of amenities: the ten thousand square foot house like a

non majority of pastors, rabbi’s, preachers, clergy consider their so tiny selves as

being ‘owed’ if only for providing the tools to assist a few the pass to the Heaven

described in the good book. there is no law that demands we not acquire riches;

not become a slave to those things owning us; as apposed to us owning them. a

savior warns us as not serving mammon. ’tisn’t only the rich who are enslaved

by IT; not certain; if you are the wealthy type that will not let it go to the head,

and have it so you, and have it so that the riches aren’t owning us, instead of

us owning the riches. no…