Advent #1o

failed to get it to you all in a

timely manner, i got online

at 12:00AM, that on the dot.

see, not all, but fair amount

mindworks are w-r-i-t-t-e-n

sorts of picture of gymnastic

freethinking… ya know ? it’s

talk-show way its interesting

named, ahh… the host guy’s

got pinpointed style o speech.

ahhh… man, it has escaped a


him ‘n’ me could talk by fires

CofA, and we’d hopefully not

get on each others nerves, we

may hope. see, i’m on my 2nd

act of my play, the first wasn’t

that bad, in fact it was a blast!

first 22 was movie in itself but

there are TWO cats that could

get akin towards common idea

Reid Jacobson, unicycle wizard

who is a bigger part of the story

than he’d admit, here’s the idea:


Johns, me ,n’ Reid, GET LEE IN

ON THIS… he, Lee Davila, is still

the better CO-songwriter i’ve ever

worked with composing tunes. we

dazed those two years, still we were

ripe composers/players; hey man…

let’s get the band back together! NOT

as if, those two years were a TIME…

but… ah brother… 30 seconds of me

in bed, ‘m zzzed, bigtime… till then?