i ask you

to please share your faith by earnestly praying,

this requires kneeling; before our King; Jesus

Christ, the intercessor between U.S. and He;

within the Holy Trinity – https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/trinitarian

there is muc h compassion, the threat of U.S.

upsetting Him is to a point, not certain to a

point that will be unforgiving, perhaps an

instance, such as the fires that consume

CofA are only a warning to the rest of

this so nation. was it not Lincoln, in


2 thoughts on “i ask you

  1. ‘m sorry; Pat, prAy for her
    to stay healthy, thanks…

    He knows her quite well.

    you, too is bestowed, as does The Father.

    All must be done in Love and the spirit of TRUE forgiveness.
    He know’s it’s slippery out here, believe it, it is for each you.


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