look away, ‘m-


again, ‘m not too certain of my ambition to release true AND o r i g i n a l *stuff onto this www. all music that tickled my ears many, many moons ago this is great an unknown act: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1H14XFS1zVo

the concept of an unrestricted evolution of sweet sounds – why, the only foreign

(to them it is not foreign, ‘m n U.S,A.) act that can compete with these cats: THE MUDFLAPS OF SUCCESS from Rio,we think…

our fellow breather, from Huntsville, turned the originators of the blessing

reggae trip of: X’s for Eyes; not X’S FOR EYES, not even X’s For Eyes…

yes. thank you Neilson Mederius! yup…

this trumpeter is quality, he rates being in a decent relationship with the
hotti8e chasing that bomb, most definitely. she’s a looker; and that hair!

anyways, chew on this little musica. till then?