Dan Kieth Amerine sings…

He can take anything, what is keeping you from singing:

“all to Him i freely give?”

DEAR GOD, TODAY I WANT YOU TO HAVE EVERYTHING; it’s a powerful, action: releasing it all; but oh-so-reliving, huh Dan?

I SURRENDER MY LIFE TO YOU. “He just wants you to surrender yourself to Him so He can bless you.” “Bless others through you, and give you the opportunity to of enjoying a side of Christian life that most people will never enjoy. The Christian life is a way of life led by the lord Jesus Christ who lives within us who has the very, very, best from God‘s point of view.” God has the right to expect from us “I surrender myself…” That is the will of our father… our will needs to be yielded to His will. When we pray it is a personal conversation Look at the stories (books of) The HOLY BIBLE; for sure we can know for certain. surrender, for a general it is all about losing, but for the Christian it is the assurance that good things are about to be so real in our day to day life, it is so, the concept of yielding a will to the lord will come naturally. If you never yielded yourself to the lord, confess, repent to the Trinity as to let go of those items that He has put His finger on; that you keep hidden, that are inside our life, all the stuff that we will, and that you can do without.


it’s not as if He did not surrender all for each of US.

Crucifixion = death, surrender = a death.  to be dead

to the old way of doing things. trust Him to give you the

desires of your hearts desires. He is already in charge of it

all… everything in our lives. there is no getting around it. the

fact: our lord Jesus does not want what we have; he tells us. do

yield yourself; completely to Him Don’t be afraid to let all you have

go to the very one that’s going to give us everything. does that mean no

sickness, no suffering, that’s not what He’s about.

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