1/30/20 12:02.09AM

I dare ANYONE to contact me at anytime, been at WordPress for over 375 days AND nobody ever even combats or appreciates A N Y T H I N G we write to the globe? ARE WE BEING CENSORED?

waste time and money

YUP, IT’S OKAY FOR n.p. TO WASTE TAX-PAYER FUNDS ON SUCH A BULLSHIT SHOW-TRIAL, in the weak effort to ’empara-ass’ THE NEXT PRESIDENT OF THIS MESSED UP NATION, IT COULD BE SAID that SHE aught to pay taxpayers back for spending untold millions on a failed “show-off-boo-boo’ but

attempt to make U.S. pay for her failed attempt. her salary should be docked. all the spinoff’s of it’s a wonderful life. hint: it ‘aint the battles that lessen, it’s the scarring from the great amount of attacks that shield righteousness from stabs such as were parlayed by whiners like her. Christ ‘ve mercy…


To the idea that came to mind as the shower spit this morning: LIED TOO, those that consume in America, like U.S. all: dandruff; the lie the common man is given every time a dandruff shampoo does an ad. SYSTEMATIC is the fib that ‘OUR’ d.s. will be your best combating that insidious itch…

‘ll tell you a secret, a secret not hidden in the 40’s when most boys chose to buzz cut the hair on the


1 (one) product, $3 a unit; MURRYS BEESWAX – sold @ rite-aid

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