having a problem. it’s as if by even touching this possibility makes it all that more real.

this could be curtains for nothing; it’s just sort of strange how none of my ending trials

there seems to be, no affect, yes, there is an effect, as far as we can decipher there is no

visible after Affect. let us get the definitions straight. to understand this one’s own way

of defining definition involves strict faith. it’s as if because ‘feeling’ the answer as right

ability is somewhat a leap well, let us say plunge. the moment that virtual plumb line is

magically inline with the other point fixed creates the mood that what is happening, is a

predetermined event. being so SO that the effort to link, or fit views together, like that of

a pyramid. if a sheer comparison of what is produced below our chins to those mysteries

enveloping the first wonder of the world. nix that, our human body, created in the image

of Him is the first. choosing wording may seem as arduous; however it is only the letting

the cookies crumble; exactly as they may; those resting points almost precisely being fit a

bit too incredibly as to create the subtle direction: ‘go here,’ lay letter there, feel magically

guided. about that word: ‘magic,’ it’s not so much a defining word, as the emotional term’s

point of reference. man, if my English teachers could see me now. it feels as though Sen’ior

Herbert Torres is sitting beside me; in the deeper mind gymnastics there was always that; a

sort of undercurrent of, understanding. it’s the same while speaking with his son, Matthew.

Coach Ron Rozelle’s here! phew, his name was so very prominent in my thinking noodle the

year Coach Rozelle was dedicated to development of this students writing style; thanks man.

Jim Koch, Larry Gottschalk, Sue Gottschalk, Brian Casey, Herbert Torres, TIFFANY POINSETTE!




she moved to Los Angeles, the fight to avoid tweeter is growing more cold as that exploration

of finding her e-mail is getting warmer. she would understand a dilemma, if not flat out relate…

man, the urge to connect is strong; but as i was first considering speaking with her a reference to

our 1988 agreement… now, it’s hoped she is not married; but that was not her aim then, nor now…

thirty two years, wow… i remember going to #’s with her in Houston… “Heard she moved out;

to L.A.” wasn’t that a lyric? sure was: “everybody’s gonna lose. good-time Charlie’s got the blues.”