I love you, Lannie! you 2 Lee!

Larry Hilshire! YOU WERE RIGHT!
‘Lee!’ “You said i could!”
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     Date: Mon, May 10, 1999 at 10:13:10
Comments: rIOrARErECORDS (nifty gig…)
a dream not yet realized for dave, been online since Sep of that year.
always one to push the envelope in what he thinks of as an honest art was having enough to have a strong influence in the young SKA trip he took. Dave WAS the only artist in the band, he knew of just how much hype was worked into the industry; for the fellow musicians were not that well endowed with creative spirit to continue without him once there was David’s deliverance. Left without the driving force behind X’s for Eyes they other 5 members were obviously stubborn enough to not let the death of Dave keep them from producing, They had, in 1991, written An entire OTHER ALBUM w/Daves help… so they made an entire cassettes worth of material during their brief 5 minutes of fame; it was finally released in 1994, independent from any influence from from Dave; and it was aptly named by Lee BIG FAT ZERO.
A Chinese philosopher once said: A swift bird flies alone. So it was with rIOrARErECORDS, an independent label solely devised among the regrets of “almost gettin’ there.” in 1992 Dave was blessed… and delivered out of his then bondage at a most perfect time. his indy label was located @ rIOrARErECORDS, 100 North Tryon Street, Suite B-220-175, 28202.