be fearless

π–Žπ–“π–™π–Šπ–“π–‰π–Šπ–‰ 𝖋𝖔𝖗 π–žπ–”π–š. it’s 4:34 PM August 10, 2020

and one time more: on 4:03 PM August 21, 2020

this time, now, presently, is November 29, 9:33 AM

the time, now, is presently, it is November 28, 9:18PM

this here


Nor can i; do anything with my understand Nick VujIcic, believe

could take our USA by storm.well,
it is this squall that this one cares to
educate the masses; NO itchy feeling:
caused by dry scalp. EV3R again forget
paying fees to a shampoo company who
puts profit over effective dandruff cessation




























‘ know ‘m in trouble


read me             

hear me

want to know?

Right now

His Grace is sufficient

you’ve been through a storm?

are you awake? do you know who you are?

His grace is enough, believe you me.Counts Forever

But who so hearkens unto me shall dwell safely, and shall be quiet from fear of evil.
Proverbs 1:33 Walk in My Way and trust Me. No evil can touch you. I AM, yours as
if truly as you are Mine. Rest in it, truth. Rest, that is, cease all struggle. Gain calm, strong confidence in that certainty.  not only rest in Me when the world’s struggles
prove too much and too many for you to bear or face alone. Rest with Me when you
need perfect understanding, when you need the consciousness of tender, loving friendship and intercourse. Your world, your poor world, flies to Me , its difficulties
are too great to be surmounted any other way, forgetting, or never realizing, that if,
with the same eagerness, hearts sought Me merely for companionship, the loving intercourse, many of the difficulties would not arise. The circumstances, the life, the character would be so altered, so purified, that those same difficulties would not exist.
  Seek Me early, that is the way to find Me. Early, before I get crowded out,
  by  a life’s     troubles, and difficulties and pleasures.

God of love and grace

It would be much easier to be a disciple

If I could just keep the rules;

If I didn’t have to navigate

The dangerous territories of compassion.

But You seek disciples

With hearts of flesh

And not of stone.

You seek disciples

Who are always willing

To lay aside the law

To bind up wounds.

Please God, make me one of those. Amen.


Word for the Way

“Behold, I go forward, but he is not there; and backward,

but I cannot perceive him: On the left hand, where he doth

work, but I cannot behold him: he hideth himself on the right

hand, that I cannot see him: But he knoweth a way that I take:

when he hath tried me, I shall come forth as gold.”                   – Job 23:8-10 KJV

“Wherein ye greatly rejoice, though now for a season, if need be,

ye are in heaviness through manifold temptations: That the trial of

your faith, being very much more precious than of gold that perishes,

though it be tried with fire, might be found unto praise and honour and

glory at the appearing of Jesus Christ.”                                                    -1 Peter 1:6-7 KJV

“Beloved, think it not strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you, as

though some strange thing happened unto you: But rejoice, inasmuch as ye are

partakers of Christ’s sufferings; that, when his glory shall be revealed, and be glad

with exceeding joy. If ye be reproached for the name of Christ, happy are ye; for that

spirit of glory and of God resteth upon you: on their part he is evil spoken of, but on your

part he is glorified.”                                                                               – 1 Peter 4:12-14 KJV

February 1 – Another Start
This one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, 
and reaching forth unto those things which are before.

Philippians 3:13   Take courage. Do not fear. Start a new life tomorrow.
Put the old mistakes away, and start anew. I give you a fresh start. Be not
burdened. Be not anxious. If My forgiveness were for the righteous only, and
those who had not sinned, where would be a need? Remember I said, β€œTo whom
much is forgiven, the same Loveth much.” Why do you fret and worry so? I wait to
give you all that is lovely, but your lives soiled with worry and fret. You would crush
My treasures. I can only bless glad, thankful hearts. You must be glad and joyful. Now
unto Him who is able to keep you from stumbling, and to make you stand in the presence
His glory blameless with great joy, God our Savior, through Jesus Christ our Lord, be glory,
Majesty, Dominion and Authority, before all time and now and foreverJude 1:24-25

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multilingual KJV

13 thoughts on “be fearless

  1. his righteousness endureth for ever. Psalm 1

    Never let yourselves think “we cannot afford this,” or \
    “shall never be able to do that.” Say “the supply for it is
    not here yet, it will come if we should have it. It will surely.”

    Persevere in saying that gradually a feeling of being plentifully
    supplied and of being surrounded will possess you. the feeling
    is your faith claiming My Supply, according to your faith it will be.

    But it is not the faith expressed in moments of prayer and exaltation
    I look for but the faith that lays immediately to rest the doubts of the
    day as they arise, that attacks and conquers the sense of limitation.

    “Ask and ye shall receive.”
    Now unto Him who is able to keep you from stumbling, and to make
    you stand in the presence of His glory blameless with great joy, to the
    only God our Savior, through Jesus Christ our Lord, be glory, majesty,
    dominion and authority, before time and now and forever. Jude 1:24-25

    -………… …………… –

    riches shall be in his house: and his righteousness endureth for ever. Psalm 112:3

    Say β€œthe supply for it is not here yet, but it will come if we should have it. It will surely

    come.” Persevere in saying that and gradually a feeling of being plentifully supplied and

    of being surrounded by riches will possess you. That feeling is your faith claiming My Supply,

    According to your faith it shall be unto you. But it is not the faith expressed in moments of prayer

    and exaltation I look for but the faith that lays immediately to rest the doubts of the day as they arise,

    that attacks and conquers the sense of limitation. β€œAsk and ye shall receive.” Joy, the only God Jude 1:24


  2. COLLACTION and commented:
    building truth into your life

    June 13, 2019, 9:32.44AM
    resting in the faithfulness of God
    Bless you all, Grace to you be fearless
    The Key to the Christian Life
    Christ is my savior.
    the life was here, trust in
    the life of Christ, I have been.
    please pray for me, oh please do.

    may He help us
    The Key to the Christian Life

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  3. Dear David, I have recently had someone refer to all “religion” as STUPID, and that people should never “claim” their miracle from God; as they must transform their personal behaviors about themselves first! I don’t think this person is a Christian but worships “the god within”. Although, I was initially offended; I realize the masquerade that many a “good” person on the Internet tries to hide behind! So… I ask you, “When people of this world view you as a very “messed up” Religious Fanatic; just how do you respond? Perhaps EVEN YOUR FELLOW BROTHERS AND SISTERS IN THE LORD JESUS CHRIST may think, “he needs to ‘curb his enthusiasm’ ” or “he seems REALLY ‘unbalanced’ “. If you find it possible, could you kindly please respond to this comment without your usual ‘coded messages’ or ‘pingbacks’? Your attention to this question would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! Timothy


  4. Dear Timothy, obviously said someone has chosen the faithless way of life; and in doing so he bars any grace.

    hope i didn’t bring you down…


  5. I may not understand fully how one’s “train of thought” may work. I was only trying to comprehend your ‘language of communication’, for me. I do not question your intelligence, or knowledge of many ideas. Nor do I question its source. I only am trying, as would be others perhaps, to understand you. You have made your words very clear and concise. Thank you most sincerely for your response! God bless you most abundantly! Timothy


    1. PS: In the future, “when” if EVER you decide for yourself to use my Web Address or Name to communicate with (specifically) Pat Veen on her, ‘From the Darkness into the Light’ blog site; PLEASE DO NOT USE MY NAME or CORRESPONDENCE to reach her as though “I PERSONALLY” can AFFECT or REACH her! I saw your attempt. I have nothing to do with how she personally “thinks” or “feels” about you. No sharp censor or rebuke intended. Only that she is her own person! God bless you! Timothy. No need to “respond” back to me.


  6. 2
    11:19 AM (4 hours ago)
    to Dean
    July 11, 2019 at 11:03 current Rector and a few clergy…
    man, couldn’t agree more – just this theory bars that idea:
    [ forgive me; there’s no pride to this, was sorta full of myself,
    not outwardly boastful; allot like Gootcher, in 1991 in TX ]
    He set me back an entire lifetime, the life enjoyed, to the
    inth degree, despite usual university dilemma. was jonly
    twenty two when this soul was saved from a super, job…
    my band, then, was all that mattered at 22; Oct. 2, 1992 rolled around;
    riding my honduh rebel25o from at least one shift at the
    record store in Huntsville when a kid, swimming in malt liquor, in a
    ’68 nova (noGO) cruised under the red light, the bike, stopped in that
    red-light turning turning lane to go an ex-girlfriend’s in house left to head
    to Elm st., where Susan, Sheri’s, Stace’s shack was (calm the cardiac fervor;)
    was continuing paying some rent to the other three girls, whose house it was, the
    girl that moved away after some not that heated disagreement… so
    was left with my best friends while the girls we’re living
    with, (let’s italicize girl) let me remain, in the room that
    was ours for that summer… anyways – DKW came right
    into me, him running past his red light, and drug me maybe
    thirty yards down under the nova down the hill – blvd., – so dave
    was toast; eventually, when inside Huntsville Hospital, kept the coma so enjoyed at SHSU Ave. don’t recall any
    light, or tunnel stuff; no, it was much better than that. Christ, Himself; right next to me [as much as He was there next
    to me On the asphalt.] . ,. . was still in the coma ’bout a week.5 –
    @ Ben Taub, after medivaced, to Huntsville’s local hospital

    quick to hear: when in HIGHschoo, fate found me riding’
    a hunda spree 50cc scooter, had many closer than not
    incidents, which got me talking, seriously with me Mum
    β€œlooky here: whatever happens. say, i get hit by a car,
    or something, and i get paralyzed, or can’t talk, that
    life in me is over, want to go to your Mom’s house,
    in NC. that’s where i want to end up, promise, ay?”

    SO, shit happened, dr.s in Houston compelled my folks
    to be looking at nursing homes, was in coma for 1+ week;let me say:
    in space-city, my Mother recalled what β€˜d made her
    promise in HS, and so she and me went home to NC,
    hung out to tend to about a year and a half of rehab.
    until was able to talk n walk again. after sharing apartment
    with my big-brother;
    1999; had been lived uptown Queen City nextdoor to the McColl gallery of art:!1s0x8856a03c44adb18f%3A0xb14b9aeba3fdbf9c!2m22!2m2!1i80!2i80!3m1!2i20!16m16!1b1!2m2!1m1!1e1!2m2!1m1!1e3!2m2!1m1!1e5!2m2!1m1!1e4!2m2!1m1!1e6!3m1!7e115!!5sMcColl%20gallery%20of%20art%20-%20Google%20Search!15sCAQ&imagekey=!1e10!2sAF1QipMscKDsZj3LRvhJqz3rGmj_NWiaIy0sU5DjRfBA&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwi7gdS8sLDjAhVVQ80KHYxxCxsQoiowGHoECBQQBg
    inside the very spot, perused in 1988 as mainl ines at
    hamlet for over for 28 years, 22 in the condo that
    was picked out, and chosen in 1988; our band πŸ˜›
    as The Brazoswood High School
    band rolled through downtown on
    a TRAILWAYS liner……………………
    spent 12 at that condo, ended up kinda… so
    my folks gave me life again!in the place prayed about, dig?
    as the Trailways bust swung around the bus terminal on Trade street,
    was what captured my attention, it was there that it was prayed, to Him, for deliverance to 28202, He did in1992.
    11:20 AM (4 hours ago)
    Deany – – –
    From: Dean
    Date: Fri, Jul 12, 2019 at 9:05 AM
    To: David
    A good message, thanks.
    On Thu, Jul 11, 2019 at 1:42 PM -0400, “David” wrote:

    From: David
    Date: Fri, Jul 12, 2019 at 11:06 AM
    To: Dean
    My pleasure. – –
    very much so
    From: David
    Date: Fri, Jul 12, 2019 at 11:15 AM
    To: Dean 😁
    ‘if we never meet again, this side of heaven, we’ll meet on that beautiful shore…’


  7. \_._/ – you can’t rely on you – \_._/
    because you will fail you every
    going to fail you every – single time;
    just like Nick, we need Him, there’s
    no getting around, below or above
    this/that truth comparing our self
    to Nick’s will not work even if we
    we do, it’ll go nowhere; a greater
    spirit in the sky keeps us insects
    in check we should not attempt
    to supersede His authority; it’s
    should not even ever joke of it
    publicly… a better method, of
    attracting His attention, with-
    standing a purposeful action
    of harming, or a creation of
    any disharmony pointed at
    our neighbors is to fall flat
    on our faces to request an
    unshakable confidence in
    our self’s; where the bold
    intuition becomes so it is
    almost as if the direction
    He recommends us to be
    and follow becomes 2nd
    nature for all of us, dig?


  8. David Buckle
    July 8, 2019 at 4:21 pm Edit


    David Buckle
    July 9, 2019 at 1:18 pm Edit

    now comes the time information provided is quite harsh.
    death is like that. however, death provides freedom, and
    justice undeterred.

    whosoever volunteers for armed services might find it the
    cruelest joke to think back to mugging with their girlfriend
    all the while avoiding little chuncks of lead coming at them.

    β€œoh shit, what did i get myself into? those guys are trying,
    almost succeeding, to kill ME!”

    just as Arlington cemetery is honoring those who perished,
    in the protecting the very freedoms Americans are blessed,
    so will we, by showing the facts – iraq

    remember an older, similar, debacle the USA did? all ncredible patriots

    thank THEM for providing the freedom to speak out.

    may God have each resting on the clouds we all see.


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    changed that ‘some’ to ‘all’ – but – i guess that’s someplace
    in the vast expanse of the internet’s brain… anyhow, hi! choose that
    ‘phone’ view…

    One of the earliest known reference of the island stems from Irish myths.
    Supposedly the island was roughly 200 miles off of the coast of Ireland in
    the Atlantic Ocean.

    It was said to be shrouded in mist, making it invisible to passing sailors. The
    mist lifts for only one day every seven years.

    From there, the legends expound in every direction. In some renditions of the
    legend, the island is the home of the Gods of Irish lore. In other re-tellings,
    Hy-Brasil is inhabited not by gods, but rather by priests or monks.

    These monks were rumored to hold a vast and ancient
    knowledge which allowed them to create an advanced
    civilization whoere inhabitants led luxurious near effortless way of life.

    No matter which version of the ancient Hy-Brasil story is retold,
    these twomain components that remain the same are the rough
    location and the element that it was a paradise.

    More recently… many individuals have associated the Hy-Brasil
    legend with Ufology… few UFO researchers do contend that the
    island was not the home of Celtic gods, instead an alien outpost.

    These researchers point to the Celtic god Lugh as an example.

    Lugh was the Celtic god of war who carried a magic spear capable
    of creating lightening. UFO researchers believe that Lugh is actually
    an alien general who possessed a laser or other type of β€œdeath ray.”

    They cite several ancient ruins that appeared to have been subject, too
    large concentrated amount of heat, the heat, supposedly, it was enough
    to turn the stone into glass.

    Furthermore, claims have been made that aliens have contacted individuals
    and gave them the coordinates to Hy-Brasil in the form of binary code. In the
    of an alien outpost in the Atlantic Ocean is pretty tough to swallow, that more
    recent UFO/Alien additions to the Hy-Brasil legend, have propelled pop culture.

    see me

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