We are, at the moment,

discussions with few print

who propose seeing the book: ‘method: joy of life”

nice of you two recall who i am.

Thank you for reaching out to me.

interesting preposition – and we would

like to confer with you regarding options;

we need to speak with one who’s schooled in

a perception in product’s that can be easily on the

internet. easily isn’t the right term… someone who had

found relating with an author, who had already received a

read; a genuine transcript; or what you call a draft some other

term inline of *it. Already have some other printers that have an

option,  time option on the table in front of us now. Understand that a

possible endeavor with any service isn’t our first publishing books for us. 

We are looking to create a lasting relationship with any production outfit in

these United States; having not intended at dealing with ‘international’ printer.

The great white north of North America is not international; neither is Alaska, U.S.