‘ve allot to say, share.

never certain of who is reached by these words; don’t truly have any concept of why the informative information is not shared with this author.There has been great deal of instance in Dave’s life down here, where the hand of Him were/are. whether seen, experienced, felt; let’s redefine IMAGINATION.

IMAGE-IN-NATION. a photo, something seen, IN our minds, Nation the sect of humanity we are set in. Where He has/d chosen for a home for US while we ramble about Terra Firma; to do as we wish, in the great unknown: the future. Life is a fantastic journey that we so hope others respect said trip. the

this activity, the ability to write to the world is what we had chosen in 1988 to be a destiny that was a self imposed duty. responding to a dream particularly ; from David Buckle. that dream is the event of every Christian’s respect: the gloried crucifiction Jesus on Golgatha, His son, doomed to pay for all of,

OUR mal behaviors. sin. all sin, whether it be a murder of innocent fetus who are warm and safe in a Heaven named amniotic fluid; that is for all intrinsic purposes, that preadolescents taste of Heaven… only a short period of time stands between those formative years and that soul’s storyline of the first

physical involvement, with all, beyond that liquid and most sacred existence in the Mother’s womb… there are many upon many circumstances that a child will see. along with a proper upbringing, and guidance procured from loving parental units the tiny humans future is as white as an Angel’s attire.

more as it comes… Peace be with you all; till then?