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dig yourself, bangs

how she climbed any corporate ladder we’ll never know – guess that guy was desperate <SUCK IT UP!>

dern, we’re all goin’…

Live so near to Me that you may never miss the opportunity of being used by Me. It is the prepared instrument, lying nearest to the Master Craftsman’s Hand, that is seized to do the work.

So be very near Me, and you cannot fail to be much used. Remember that Love is the Great Interpreter, so that those who love you and are near to you are the ones you can help the most.

Do not pass them by for others, though your influence and helpfulness will gradually spread, in an ever-widening circle. You will live in a spirit of glad surprise. JOY

Come to Me, talk to Me, dwell with Me, then all will
know My Way; a sadder event. My Paths are safe paths.

Pastor Arnold Murray
Come very near to Me.

Shepards Chape l

God Calling – S.S.

__Two Listeners__2:29 AM (north Poplar?)

___ God Calling ___   

August 10 – Stray Sheep
And he went a little farther, and fell on his face, and prayed, saying O my Father,
if it be possible, let this cup pass from me;  nevertheless not as I will, but thou wilt.
Matthew 26:39
Oh Jesus, guide our footsteps lest we stray. For straying, My children,
there is no cure except to keep so close to Me that nothing, no interest, no temptation,
no other — can come between us. Sure of that you can but stay at My Side, knowing that,

as I Am the very Way itself, nothing can prevent your being in the Way, nothing can cause you
to stray. I have promised Peace but not leisure, heartrest and comfort, but not pleasure. I have said,

“In the world ye shall have tribulation”; so do not feel, when adverse things happen, that you have failed
or are not being guided, but I have said, “In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.”

So learn of Me the overcoming Power of one who,
though spat upon, scourged, misunderstood, forsaken,
crucified, could yet see His Work had not been affected by
these things, cry triumphantly from His Cross, “It is finished.”

Not the pain, the mocking, the agony, but His Task. Let this thought
comfort you. Amid failure, discord, contumely, suffering, may angels
be prepared to sound the chorus, “It is finished.”

Now unto Him who is able to keep you from stumbling, and to make you
stand in the presence of His Glory blameless with great joy, the only God our
Savior, through Jesus Christ our Lord, be glory, majesty, dominion and authority,
before all time and now and forever.    Amen.    Jude 1:24-25
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David does not work for Two Listeners; he’s only a longtime [1983] reader and heeder
stuff i dig/dughttps://the3rdonlive.wordpress.com/2020/04/07/look-away-2

He went a little farther, and fell on his face,
prayed, saying O my Father, if it be possible,
let this cup pass from me;  nevertheless not as
I will, but as Thou wilt.
Matthew 26:39
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by Lee Cammack|Lalania Riley|Jim Koch|Ron Roselle|Herbert Torres Sally,|npbc3|Norwegian Cruise Line  David@davidb49.blog Date: Monday Oct0ber 19, 2020 3:20.12 PM www.dfphoto.com www.thetechman

no rhyme nor reason.only nearer  to God, nearer to me.  everything, well, maybe not everything but a great deal was sent by prayer, in 1988, leaning on a bedrooms bed, after the band’s jaunt to Washington where i had hopes expressed to what spirits in the amphitheater of our national cemetery of American patriots; those deceased servicemen and women, so many souls heard my request out loud; a femme that looked like Audrey Hepburn. The Buc band, at that time seeing the changing of the guard directly beside the Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier at Arligton. i was on the other side of that building; running down the middle walkway after setting my Nikon onetouch  35mm‘s timer to reach the Holy Spirit’s the one in the front of that stage. one might see that act as disrespectful, may be; yet David had things to discuss with those spirit’s that defended U.S. all. Floating over that area. implored the bevy of soul that, if they chose, to assist my future band; and help creating a musical act when college was at hand; at the very college Dave had wished to attend since that was my favorite teachers alma: Ron Rozelle, as well Dan Rather – MR. Rozelle was our Junior year English. 

He heard my plans, as did each member of the symphonic band during bus trips to football games, Washington, do exactly what has been my self_imposed duty since my first Mac at my first apt. at Renaissance Place Apts. directly across 11th st. i think – that i had the best view of the building of the McColl Center for Art. a little event is that in 1996 while eating at the Affairs To Remember re restaurant- Mr. McColl was having lunch with three BoA execs, and in my broken and quit voice i spoke to him at his lunch table; pointing at the dilapidated, burnt out shell of the Church, saying:  “i have no idea what that will become when rebuilt:  condos, clinic, disco (like the famous NYC disco of the up 60’s-70’s… forget the name –  ahhh… STUDIO-54, or something… anyway, i told Me. McColl that i wanted to be involved in whatever became of that so permanent stone construction. knowing that burnt out church that was seen one Christmas visit to Gran’s while on the loop of 28202… heading to mya Sister’s apr. at Versailles Apartments near CMC IN 4th or 3rd ward… Right across the street from an Episcopal Church, went there a few Sundays in 2007. 
‘m rambling… 

do check our the stuff ‘m just about to post on davidb49.blog. four pages of the book already done.
there is no art/creation that is truly the craters until he gives it away. It seems that anothers desired vision is the only kudos for the art doer. unfortunate it is that the adulation that whatever’s seen that presents itself to our world, especially on the cold, yet active ‘internet’ that’s is a pretty unthankful venue where discrimination of whatever is only assumed, that’s not known,, for certain barring that simple acknowledged reward via sales; but we ‘aint selling nothin’, it’s significant that one owns faith in what’s put out: or exorcized, what’s shared might be seen, liked or personally rated as image’s worthy of consideration.
You tell Me that your hearts are full of gratitude.
I do not want from you gratitude as much as the joy
of friendship. Realize that I love to give. The Scriptures
say, “It is your Father’s pleasure to give you the Kingdom.”

I love to give. The Divine Nature is the Nature of a Royal Giver.
Have you ever thought My Delight when you’re ready to receive?
Even when you long to hear My Words and to receive My Blessings?
Brewster Middle School collactiona

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