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We all know how difficult it is to get ourselves to the gym and actually work

on our physical well being; how difficult it is to follow a diet plan and change

our eating habits. But we can start with something small, something simple:

Drink water

All you have to do is drink water. Do it at the right time, in the right amount,

be consistent, and you’re done. Simple.

Guzzle up water habitually

There are wonderful benefits of drinking water. So I suggest, you make it into 

a habit. Although, it should be emphasized, the important point is consistency

of doing this. If you do it once-twice a week, you won’t get any benefits. You’ve

got do it every day. Make drinking water a habit and you’re on way to enjoying 

a long and healthy life.

Chugging water keeps the doctor away.

Many people are unaware that drinking water throws lot of sicknesses out of the window. Consider the Japanese people.

— Their outstanding wisdom regarding water therapy stunned health experts —

continents. Many people of Nippon descent live beyond a hundred years; in fact, 

50,000 centenarians living: Japan, today. Staggering number, you say? Agreed, it’s

because they practice the habit of drinking two glasses of water after waking up.

Drinking water at the correct time does maximizes it’s effectiveness on the body

  • Don’t brush your teeth; yet.
  • You must guzzle up 160ml water before brushing?
  • yup

Mr. Cecil Taylor cut my hair for 22 years, very well, might i add… Cessal is retired presently BUT! his oldest daughter, Reagan, does her dad proud her barbershop management. they’ve five or six tonsorial artists, that does cater to Charlotte’s daily uptown; a barber-shop that caters to an exclusive clientele.


  • That way, the water you drink won’t be fluoride contaminated. (Toothpaste does contains fluoride.)
  • Avoid any food or drink intake for the next 45-50 minutes after brushing.
  • Eat breakfast… slowly; and gradually.
  • After breakfast, don’t eat anything for the next 2 hours.

When is the best time: drink water, why?

  • Two glasses of water in the morning after waking up, (helps activate internal organs)
  • One glass of water thirty minutes before a meal (aids in digestion)
  • One glass of water taking a bath (Helps avoid high blood pressure)
  • One glass of water before going to bed (helps to avoid strokes and heart attacks)

You can jazz up your water by mixing it with fresh lemon.

Dave will be a test subject here and now. you know: when it was about 1973 my Father

encouraged all us kids to drink water before bedtime, that was his habit after a year on

Okinawa, Japan. we, his family, were in Oxford, AL while he was away. that was a year

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His Gentle Touch




Jose San Martin 9:01 PM (25 minutes ago)


JSM’s daily Lesson:
Do consider the advice of your elders not because they are always right but because of the wisdom they have gleaned from being wrong. Native American quote

As you look back on your younger years the number of times you thought your parents were wrong are now echos that you hear when you try to tell your children what to do…  Remember, you are never too old to learn from someone even a few days older than you and never so old you can not teach someone a few days younger.


Bless you


However for the genuine follower of Jesus our primary kingdom focus should be the Kingdom of God which Jesus clearly taught includes caring for the least of these and He demonstrated this by seeking and saving the lost. We have a call to follow His example.   An old quote attributed to missionary CT Studd we first heard in Bible College is, “Only one life will soon be past, only what’s done for Christ will last”. We believed that over 40 years ago and now we believe it even more now as we have experienced the inevitable passing of life. Let us live with a Kingdom of God outlook! Only One Life   Two little lines I heard one day, traveling along life’s busy way;
Bringing conviction to my heart,

and from my mind would not depart;
Only one life, ’twill soon be past, only what’s done for Christ will last.

Only one life, yes only one, soon will its fleeting hours be done;
Then, in ‘that day’ my Lord to meet, and stand before His Judgement seat;
Only one life, ’twill soon be past, only what’s done for Christ will last.

Only one life, the still small voice, gently pleads for a better choice
Bidding me selfish aims to leave, and to God‘s holy will to cleave;
Only one life, ’twill soon be past, only what’s done for Christ will last.

Only one life, a few brief years, each with its burdens, hopes, and fears;
Each with its clays I must fulfill, living for self or in His will;
Only one life, ’twill soon be past, only what’s done for Christ will last.

When this bright world would tempt me sore, when S would a victory score;
When self would seek to have its way, then help me Lord with joy to say;
Only one life, ’twill soon be past, only what’s done for Christ will last.

Give me Father, a purpose deep, in joy or sorrow Thy word to keep;
Faithful and true what e’er the strife, pleasing Thee in my daily life;
Only one life, ’twill soon be past, only what’s done for Christ will last.

Oh let my love with fervor burn, and from the world now let me turn;
Living for Thee, and Thee alone, bringing Thee pleasure on Thy throne;
Only one life, “twill soon be past, only what’s done for Christ will last.

Only one life, yes only one, now let me say,

Thy will be done”;

And when at last I’ll hear the call,

I know I’ll say “twas worth it all“;
Only one life, ’twill soon be past,

only what’s done for Jesus Christ will last.

– Author Unknown




socialism vs communism

Jose San Martin
12:41 PM

Daily Lesson

I find God in the silence of the setting 
sun, the darkness of the night, and the 
moment before the sun rises to proclaim 
His glory in the new day.  Take those
moments to honor Him and to hear
His words.



If the message in the Daily Life Lesson is not clear, 

please feel free to ask for clarification or if you
wish to submit a Daily Lesson please contact me

Kuglers Studio

Trumps ‘trump-card’ – IS the inept of his competition;

2020 will be Trump; his opposition doesn’t think for

THEIR so hoping backers. didn’t you hear? socialism

is communism with Christmas lights. he built the wall

yet the ocean is freedom for drugs to be delivered. no

wall may be helpful, Australia has it’s own natural wall

it called reef; but it’s is calcifying [dying,] so some of the

animals and fish only found on the oldest continent will

not be there for our children to visit. still the world will

keep turning, more better with OUT those pesky humans

messing God’s greatest gift to his children. The Holy Spirit

is convicting mankind of it’s destruction. we should worry

bout the wrath we deserve. the cat that dreamed up the act

joke: “It’s genius to place an s in fastfood.” – good day.


Carolina Theatre Preservation Society
Since 1997, we have had one mission in life…to save and restore the Carolina Theatre back to its former glory of the twenties and thirties. We have had lots of ups and downs along the way to where we are now, but beginning in 2014, https://www.fftc.org/what_is_fftc, Charlotte Center Partners and others are embarking on an ambitious project to revitalize the North Tryon corridor which will include the rebuilding of the Carolina Theatre. Our non-profit organization is included with this effort and we intend to do our best to see the project succeed. Our goal is to work with the other organizations and lend our expertise to make this theatre something that all the people in Charlotte will be proud of. We envision that some day soon, you will be walking into the theatre and you STOP…your breath is taken away at the beauty of the theatre… the plaster work, the period furniture, the chandeliers, the theatre organ… All of the sudden…you are back to March, 1927!

Our job is to assist the Foundation in raising funds to restore the original charm of the theatre... sparkling chandeliers, ornamental plaster work, intricate stenciling, atmospheric murals, vintage furniture,
revived theatre organ… all the elements that once made the Carolina Theatre an enchanting place.
When the restoration process is complete you will be transported back to 1927, age of Flappers and Vaudeville.
Over the next several years we will be working with the Foundation and other groups to bring this dazzling gem of Charlotte history back to life. Please join us in this great effort.


Latta Arcade

< Celebrating 100 Years ><

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Monday, November 11
Veterans Day 2019 in United States
2001-2018 Cecil’s tonsorial
prowess did me good.
well worth a trip to
Charlotte’s better
block, eat at
French Quarter





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breath in, breath out; so much happens in lungs.


God uses the twists & turns in Life



Suzi called just now , the call lasted 2:22 minutes; there is a plan, He directs, we do. With Gladness, and singleness


1:53 / 12:05 PEACE BE WITH YOU

I Am Here With You


% God does not want you to try harder, He wants you to trust Him %

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You’re Not Alone,

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son of man’s coming




we do not break God’s laws, His laws break us.

IF we let them, by NOT following His ten directives, passing those makes them the keys to the gifts awaiting us as we complete the tests we are all taking down here on earth.

it’s very conceited to claim that you rise above other mortal, that one, (you) are a person who is free from sin. none will ever, ever, EVER be able to live as decent as are expected

we are ALL sinners, who cannot cut the mustard where leading a sinless existence down here on earth. deal with my, your, flaws, plead for deliverance from the deserved wrath

that we rate. if we break one commandment,we break them all no matter how those acts being insignificant. if it were not for Christ’s shed blood we are all, everyone of us, doomed.

thank God for the cross.


you do listen
hear your father

a kind of simple, even

more, yeah, MoST important;

He’s been where you’re before.

Mother too, do praise them, each

every breath you take. they, folks

gave you life; free life to do with as

you please. in fact, a call them today

would make their day. if there is any

problem between the three try to calm

the storm. you can do this:  reaffirming

the love you have for each. go on, give the

possible worry they have from not hearing

from you on at least a weekly basis. say you

are them, only in another way; than being for

a manifestation of:  their love for each other;

show you care. not only in giving gifts and such,

but honestly expressing that eternal, a significant,

grateful spirit we should all have for our parents in

this life. life they provided for you and your siblings.

you’re happy for sharing breath as the phone-call ends.

if you allow Him,
He will be beside
you to direct…